Teeth Whitening Solutions

Teeth Whitening Solutions

There is nothing like having a bright white smile when going out or on the job. With that extra boost of confidence, you can feel comfortable in any situation. In recent years teeth whitening has become a big part of patients routine dental procedures. With all sorts of teeth whitening solutions out there, it can hard to know what will work the best for you.

At Blackfoot Family Dentistry we offer many different types of whitening solutions for you and your family. One solution that we have found to be very effective for our patients is a solution called Sinsational Smiles. Sinsational Smiles whitening method is fast and effective. It only takes 20 minutes to complete a whitening session. With this procedure we use a pre-filled silicone whitening tray which allows your jaw to remain relaxed and comfortable. Once the tray is placed in your mouth we use a LED light to help accelerate the process and activate the whitening gel in the tray.

You may be wondering how many visits will be needed and how long results will last, but for most patients they see dramatic results with only ONE treatment! Results will very on each person depending on diet, use of tobacco, or alcohol. After your treatment you will receive a maintenance pen that you can use in between your dentist visits to keep that smile white. While we recommend you have routine whitening sessions throughout the year this is something you can schedule on an as-needed basis.

Teeth whitening is a safe and easy to do. Research has shown that when teeth are normal and healthy there are no apparent adverse effects on the tooth’s enamel. Some people may experience sensitivity, but usually once your teeth are rinsed after the procedure those side effects subside.

If you are curious about getting your teeth whitened or would like a free consult with Dr. Baldwin call Blackfoot Family Dentistry today and schedule your next appointment with us. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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